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Progressive by Name & Nature is our motto and we pride ourselves on being industry leaders when it comes to ensuring our farmer suppliers have a supply programme which meets their needs and adds value to their business. The Hawke’s Bay Lamb Supply Programme has been designed with our suppliers needs as our key focus.

We are a locally owned processor, aiming to provide our suppliers with information which will enable more informed decisions regarding production profitability.


We work on the concept of ‘just in time’ processing, aiming to slaughter 80% of lambs ‘same day’ and work closely with our suppliers to ensure they understand where they can maximise value from the stock they present for processing.

What can we offer you?

  • Secure Killing Space – our committed suppliers have secure processing on space and receive priority for any additional space during peak periods.
  • Prompt Kill – 80% of our lambs are killed same day, providing you a yield benefit of between 0.4 – 0.8kg per lamb.
  • Live Weigh – providing you with Dress Out Yield data on your mob so you can analyse your on-farm management decisions.
  • Market Linked Performance Payments – aligned to key Ovation NZ markets we reward suppliers whose lambs meet the market specification for weight and GR.
  • Actual Wool Payment – we pay you for the actual wool received not the average.
  • Dresser Pelt Payment – premiums are paid on eligible skins when contracts are available.
  • Saleable Meat Yield Payment & Reporting – by weighing each individual cut produced from a carcass you can choose if you would like to be paid for the actual performance of your lambs.
  • Quality Assurance Programme – Our QA farmers receive a bonus payment of $1 per head for all lambs that meet customer requirements.
  • Mutton Space – available via our partners Te Kuiti Meat Processors.
  • Secure Supplier Website – access to all of your kill information online, including benchmarking against previous seasons and other Hawke’s Bay Lamb Programme suppliers. Coming soon
  • Progeny Testing – talk to us about progeny testing of your lambs – we will work with you to ensure the information you require is reported back to you.
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