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Quality Assurance Programme

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There is growing awareness and concern amongst consumers regarding animal welfare, product integrity, traceability and food safety. These all have an impact on the consumer’s final decision to purchase our products.

The Hawke’s Bay Lamb On Farm Quality Assurance Programme will work in conjunction with current supply programmes to reassure our customers and their final consumers that the meat products they consume are sourced from animals that are humanely treated, traceable, healthy and are not subjected to harmful chemicals.


As a Quality Assured Supplier you will be responsible for:

  • Meeting the requirements of the HBL On Farm Quality Assurance Programme
  • Maintenance and updating of the programme as required
  • Safe keeping and confidentiality of the HBL On Farm Quality Assurance Programme
  • Participation in a biennial audit plus any random audits as required by our customers

The programme will be administrated by our Livestock Team and will be independently audited by AsureQuality.

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