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Hawke’s Bay Lamb Supply Programme

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The Hawke’s Bay Lamb Supply Programme in association with Atkins Ranch provides suppliers with the opportunity to associate with industry specialists. We pride ourselves on our personalised service, transparent pricing with identified payments for wool and pelts, the opportunity to be paid on Saleable Meat Yield and the provision of a commitment programme which provides certainty of space.

To meet our key grades, lambs should fall between 18.0 – 25.9kg with a GR of 3 – 15mm.

Our Lamb Supply Programme is an annual commitment programme broken down by week, giving our committed suppliers priority for space during the peak season. Committed slaughter space belongs to the supplier until it is confirmed or given up on the Wednesday the week prior to kill. There are no penalties if you cannot supply us in the weeks you commit to, instead we provide committed suppliers with an incentive to supply their committed number by paying a “Commitment Bonus” to those who meet their committed lamb number by the end of the season. This is paid in November of each year following the season close.

All lamb numbers are required to be confirmed the Wednesday prior to the week of kill. A Contact and Complete bonus will be paid if you supply at least 85% of the tally confirmed on the Wednesday. Confirmations and bookings can be made direct to our Supply Office or via your Agent – the choice is yours.

We offer all suppliers a competitive weekly schedule and kill summaries are emailed to you on the first working day after kill. Full payment is made 14 days after slaughter.


We also allow you to use your preferred trucking company and pay you a transport subsidy with your kill proceeds. Our livestock team will work closely with you to ensure kill days and delivery times suit your farming system.

Our secure site for suppliers offers detailed information about your lambs processed through the Hawke’s Bay Lamb Supply Programme. This includes benchmarking against previous season’s kill by month, and against other Hawke’s Bay Lamb Supply Programme suppliers. You can view the data in table or graphical form on our site.

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