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Stuart Ellingham – Horizon Farming Limited

Progressive Meats Limited is a well named company. The company operates with many of the characteristics that were outlined in the Red Meat Sector Strategy Report and is constantly pushing for improvement. The attitude and culture of Progressive Meats Limited fits very well with our business – we consider them as business partners. The senior management are very approachable and very interested in the supplier’s view to make things better for both parties. They operate very efficiently, have integrity, and have a level of transparency that we haven’t witnessed with other meat processors.

John & Sue Macphee – Mason Ridge – Maraekakaho

25 years ago “all weights, all grades” and “leg buy” were buzz words with regard to lamb procurement – and unfortunately still crop up today. These practices have done nothing to help farmers produce what the market requires. Some 25 years ago Progressive Meats began the change, and now the Hawke’s Bay Lamb Supply Programme continues to provide us with the information and feedback we require to enable us to continually improve what we produce.

Justin King & Meg Campion – Brookwood Station – Takapau

We have big strong Romney Ewes and use Poll Dorset and Poll Dorset/Texel Terminal sires. We believe we produce very good carcassed lambs and Progressives’ focus on Performance Payments and Saleable Meat Yield Payments rewards us for producing those good carcasses.
We enjoy the fact that they are forward thinking in these areas and take action to reward suppliers for producing the right article.
They are a people company and are great to work with on lamb bookings and killing space.

Roger Weber – Grasmere Texels – Dannevirke

I started supplying Progressive Meats in 1994, at the time I was attracted to the company by their innovative approach to meat processing. Many of the things now, nearly 20 years later, are industry norm and best practice. To list some of the aspects which were most appealing to me, were: SAME DAY KILL, OWNER DRAFTING, DEALING DIRECTLY WITH BOOKING OFFICE, CONTRACTS – WEEKLY & FIXED, TARGET PREMIUMS FOR SPECIFIC SPECIFICATIONS, INDIVIDUAL PELT & WOOL PAYMENTS (no averaging). And to this day the philosophy to innovation and industry firsts still continues, an example being individual whole carcass boning and being paid on saleable meat. Being only a small supplier it’s nice to be rewarded for the quality of the lambs, not the quantity.

Paul Sherwood – Otamere Farm – Hastings

The 2012/13 season was our first experience with the team at Progressive Meats. We were drawn to the company by some key drivers that we thought were an advantage over the existing meat company we were supplying.

  • Local company, good access to decision makers
  • Prompt kill, less trucking time, better weights
  • Innovative, Yield grading, options to add value

We believe that commitment to a single meat company will help the red meat sector but at the same time we need to know we are being paid a competitive price for our product, we believe that so far Progressive Meats has achieved this.

Jim & Christine Spall – Poporangi – Kereru

We supply Progressive because of a good relationship built up over many years. We understand the importance of supplying “in full, on time, to specification” as much as we can and this has helped us focus on setting up our lamb finishing program to meet targets. We appreciate the merits of same day kill, the ability to do our own picking, and the opportunity to participate in the yield option. All of this adds up to a win-win for both the supplier and the processor.
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